Thoughtful Tuesday

Our autism journey

Fire. That was the first thing out of Owen’s mouth this morning. It took a minute for it to register with me, but he was talking about one of his apps where he has to put out the fire as the fireman. Our days are full of surprises. He is learning so many things. Learning visual things comes easier for him than learning hands on things. His hands and feet are really hard for him to figure out. They are like attachments he has to learn to use. Even with his apps there are certain actions that he would rather watch me perform than for him to do it. He will look at his hands sometimes with surprise as they exit through the sleeve of his shirt. He is learning how to do so much, but somethings are truly a hard concept and movement for him. Today is a brand new day. May your dreams come true and you rock your world. We can each make a difference by our part. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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