Tough Tuesday

Our autism journey

Beyond thankful that Owen doesn’t wake up at 2 am every night anymore. These nights are rough. He woke about 1:30, I heard him running to me and then we laid there for a bit. That was it. He was up. And so was I. He is doing so much better about this, but it is very common with people that have autism. This is where a parent is miraculously supposed to still function, get the kids off to school or daycare, go to work, come home, keep up with your child and your world and start the night all over again, never knowing if he will fall asleep or not. He cried himself to sleep last night. The rollercoaster rides starts again. He’s five. He can’t tell me if it is monsters under his bed or if he really does need the milk he keeps asking for but isn’t drinking. The not knowing how to help is the hardest. Living on the edge is right up there as well. Owen needs constant supervision. He is a sensory seeker and has no fears. He thinks it is funny if he jumps off the couch. He laughs if you use the word no. He is starting to get words and communicating, but he is not always connecting these steps yet. The goal for me is to stay healthy, alert, and awake to keep my baby happy and healthy. Nights like these only happen about once a month now and I’m beyond thankful, because we went about eight months where it was every night. Owen is in a great mood and for that I am grateful. Life is full of challenges, through strength we face them and move forward. Believe in yourself and the rest will follow. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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