Tracks of Comfort

Our autism journey

I stare at this in disbelief. My child, my precious, five year old son needs a tracking device and leash. How is this even possible. How does he not understand any fears. How do I keep Owen safe.

He hates the leash, he hates the tracking device. There is balance here somewhere. Where is it. Where can I find my peace with all of this. He had the leash on for ten minutes and he was so mad, so upset. The tracking device I tried it on his hand and he got it off, I put it on his foot and he was so upset. He had it on for no more than ten minutes and he cried the entire time, anxious for its removal. Anxious to be calm again.

I know there are other GPS options. I will find the one that works best for him. I never imagined how hard this would be. I never imagined how much I would be floating from experience to experience wondering what to do, how to react, how to make it easier for my baby.

I struggle with this. I know it needs to be done, but it still makes my heart ache for this. I pray that he will understand my words, learn to communicate more so that it will get easier.

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