True Love Tuesday

Our autism journey

My cuddle bug woke up, sleepily came into the living room and sat on my lap. He put his arms around my neck and sat there for several minutes. He then looked up at me and said “I wuv ewe”. There is no better feeling than that. He has always wanted to be in my arms or close to me, and now he is starting to give me hugs and say those words that makes my heart skip a beat. Owen has extreme sensory issues, for him he prefers human touch and tight hugs. We work with joint compressions and different massage techniques to try and bring a peace to his body. He prefers to squish his body in the tiniest of spaces and generally he will squat whenever he can, with his legs touching his chest and leaning forward, this is his preferred stance. I believe this brings him a comfort to his ever moving little body. Sometimes people with autism are said not to expression affection. I believe for some of them it isn’t necessarily that they don’t want it, more that their bodies don’t know how to react to it or can’t handle the sensory overload. I know there are times that Owen wants pressure more than other times. For me I’m still learning, guessing and growing. This thing called autism is daunting sometimes, but through Owen I have learned more about who I am and he has given me a strength like I never knew I had, my miracle, my love, my sweet baby O. Today is a brand new day. Find your strength and inspiration and make today matter. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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