Upside down Thursday

Owen got in bed with me at some point, laid across the bed and proceeded to fall right back asleep, took me a minute, but I did too. I woke up not long after that to a foot in my ear. Seriously, how does a three foot human occupy the entire bed, they find a way. Last night he acted like he was in a daze, he gets like that occasionally. Some days maybe it is because he is tired or reflecting on things. When we first started this process I felt like he would lose whole skills, one day he would be saying his numbers, the next they were all gone. The best way it was described to me is putting something on a shelf. He didn’t need numbers at the time so they were put on the shelf and he was ready to learn the next skill. Over a year later there are things that he is now doing and hasn’t done for a long time. I’ve learned to embrace it, hopefully guide his thoughts to incorporate both styles of learning for him. Owen amazes me, thrills me, bewilders me and makes me know I am very lucky to see him overcome so much. Autism wasn’t important to me, until autism was important to me. Life is a journey, embrace it, live it, love it. Make today matter. Smiles to all and donut daze!