Wanna Wednesday

Our autism journey

I debated, and debated, and debated some more about sending Owen to school. He hasn’t been feeling that great, has a cough, but this morning all he wanted to do was go. He had slept all night in his bed. I only heard him once, through the whole night; which in itself was huge, so I decided to let him go. I sent his teacher a note telling her that I could come get him at any point if he was too tired, or felt worse. I’m thankful for the words Owen can express, because it’s hard not knowing what my son wants, needs, or feels. He still can’t tell me his favorite color, if he has one. There’s no connection to that. When you ask him to make a choice it doesn’t always reflect what he wants, but instead what you said last, or the word that he associates mostly with. One of the school apps he loves is TeachTown. He calls it “teach time”. His teacher, and I have been working with him to make those connections to words. I know he loves The Wheels On The Bus song, so I referenced the ending for him. I said, it’s like the ending of the song “all through the town”. Now this is where I realize I have an accent that I didn’t think I have, and know why the voice activated selection on my phone never understands me. I always said, “towNa” to Owen; telling him to sing it loud, and proud. It was when I had very few words ever from Owen, and I clung to ever sound he made. He started singing loud, and proud. So now TeachTown has become “teach timeNa towNa homeNa”. Because he likes to add home to everything, and I seem to have an accent. I’m thankful for his love for school, his teacher, and the bus. This is an emotional journey for both of us. Some days I feel stronger, and things go smoother; other days the river of tears I cry don’t even begin to console my aching heart. This is as much about how I handle autism, as it is about Owen having it. Take time to reflect on your journey through life; where you come from, and where you want to go. Each day is a stepping stone, make it the life you want. Smiles to all and donut daze!