Wednesday Wow

I write about autism every day. My son Owen is four and has moderate to severe autism. He is learning to talk, the doctors told me he might not, he is figuring out the world and I am so proud of his accomplishments. These are my daily thoughts on Facebook. Join us on our daily journey.

Wednesday wow. The art of repeat is in full swing today. The dude woke ready to face the world and is in a very playful mood. His new greeting for me is “meow meow kitty KA-attt”. He calls me mommy and momma so I am trying to figure out the greeting fascination he has with the cat. It’s our greeting. The mom in me loves the fact that I get this special greeting, but the educator side of me says, say good morning. I keep keeping on, I do the silly and I live in the expectations of an amazing day. There are days that he struggles with the consequences of artificial life. His lifeline is his tablet, but yet there are days that it is his aggravator. He will sit and try to do the same action over and over again and when the expected results do not come this can throw him into meltdown mode. It can be something like the car won’t drive over the rock, or the character didn’t jump like it should have, or even mommy didn’t push the button at the right time. These are some of the biggest obstacles I face. He has learned so much from his tablet, yet it has caused some of his biggest meltdowns. As communication comes it will get easier for me to be able to help him and explain to him why something isn’t doing exactly what he needs it to do, but until that day I just try to comfort him and distract him with something else. I look back over the past year and I see the amazing changes in Owen and how far he has come. I’m sitting here watching him play with his two tablets — which he asks for, his workbench, eating and interacting with me. This is a dream come true. Make your dreams come true today. Find your inspiration and motivation and make life amazing. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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