White Picket Fence

Not all of us grew up with that white picket fence.

Some grew up with being able to hangout at the fence post talking to friends and their momma waving from the porch saying come get some pie.

Some grew up with that invisible fence like they use for dogs, the overprotective father or the domineering mother. The kind that on the surface brought the cupcakes to school with the well manicured hair, the smart dress or great business suit, but at home was cold and left you knowing your place in the world.

Some grew up with the chain link fence where they knew their divide. Which side they were on and where their parents stood.

The white picket fence was supposed to be the fence of all fences, the envy of the neighborhood, but just like all the other fences it surrounded the house that wasn’t always a home.

Life is about seeing past the fence and what keeps us tied to it. Life is about overcoming the fears and obstacles of where we came from and believing enough in ourselves to grow and move on. A fence can crumble over time or be knocked down. A fence can be moved and rebuilt, just like the human spirit. Move on from your past and rebuild who you are. Be strong like the strongest of fences, but use the gate to be free of your past.

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