Wide awake Wednesday

Our autism journey

OK, so that’s not exactly what I am. But we’ve been up since four. Good news is Owen is in a good mood. In fact a great mood. The other day when I was taking Owen to school we were stopped at a light, Owen started counting, I looked around and he was counting down with the street crossing sign. I wanted to jump for joy. When Owen is counting with something he counts very precise, like he is on a mission, so I knew he was counting for a reason. I was so excited that it was outside the car. I love that he is making connections with the world around us. He knows directions, he is learning about the weather, and now I can tell he is paying attention to the things we see. I always feel like Julie McCoy, the cruise director from The Love Boat, making another round. I’m Owen’s tour guide. When we pass the grocery store I tell him the name, what we do there and something about it. I do this with so many of the places we pass or the objects we see. I tell him mommy has to put gas in the car to make it got vroom. We are a team. The more I can explain, the more connections he will make, the more words will form. I believe in miracles, I believe in hope, I believe in Owen. This is the little boy they told me may not talk, that has severe autism, he talks and he is making connections. Never give up hope. Find your strength. You are not alone on this journey called life. Your story is important. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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