Wishful Wednesday

Our autism journey

I would always wish upon a star when I was little. Now I have hopes and dreams and prayers that I think about every day. My world revolves around Owen. The one thing I knew I always wanted was a baby, my sweet baby O. As I try to keep my baby in a set routine that makes it easier on him, I also try to keep things changing for him. He struggles with change in his routine and with things he eats or uses. One of the best pieces of advice I was given is to keep changing Owen’s foods and I apply it to other things as well. This has helped tremendously. Textures, smells, sounds, and sights play a big role in how Owen goes through his day. I had been giving Owen a sippy cup that he could drink from all the way around the entire cup, I switched it so that he would be able to have a change and learn. The comfort cup was still available, but the new cup had what he really wanted to drink. Now he is drinking out of both cups without a problem. I do this with his food as well. I don’t show him packages and this helps. I rotate the choices and continue to add new foods into the mix. Owen can tell new food is being introduce and has actually thrown it at me. Now I am slower to introduce these foods, I mix it in with the other choices or tell him that he has to take a bite. My wish today is that things were easier for him. We keep moving forward, knowing that life can be a little messy, but loving every day more with my sweet baby O. Change is not always easy for any of us. Take one day at a time and know you are amazing. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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