Woah It’s Wednesday

I write about autism every day in one form or another. On Facebook I write a daily post, most days it consist of the new, different or the achievements of my son Owen who is four and has autism. Here is today’s post.

Woah it’s Wednesday. Nothing says doctor’s appointment like being there for almost two hours. Last night I took Owen to make sure his double ear infections had cleared, and they were perfect. The doctor apologized several times for her tardiness and she knows how hard it is to wait. It was much easier when we got into the little room than in the big waiting room. In the big waiting area Owen knows no boundaries. This is quite different than a few years ago when all he wanted to do was run from these situations and there are still places he doesn’t want to be. Now the dude runs from one chair to the next, one person to the next, yelling and talking to himself and them the whole time. He greeted them all with hello or good morn’n and this was at 6:30 last night. Believe it or not after all I talk about autism, all that I share, all that I put out there, I stand sometimes and while he does all this I think do I say he has autism. Do I share those words. Do I, as some people say, put a “label” on my child. Now in a pediatric doctor’s office most of these people are parents themselves, so they don’t think twice with a child running up to them, but I still can’t do nothing to control my child, so how does this look for him, for me. Slowly the words come out to some, others might recognize the signs, and yet others may hear me talking to the assistant behind the counter that knows Owen and is talking about how well he is doing, directing questions at him. When we get into the little room this is so much easier, but yet harder in the same. I bring his tablet for him to play with but he still is ready to go. Who isn’t at this point. So now I do what I do all the time, ponder. I think through the events. I think how I handle them. How he did. How others did. I try to learn from these experiences. I want to make sure that I make it easier on Owen and myself, the world. Last night, as long as we waited, all the circumstances he dealt with, and the moments in time that make me go hmm, Owen did amazing. He did great. I think I got a workout last night too. He is almost 32 pounds now and I was lifting him up and down for about twenty minutes. He loves it and calms him so. Today, as I look over the past couple years, I think, well that visit wasn’t so bad. Make today matter. Make today what you need it to be. Today is a gift. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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