Mental Health: ADHD
Randi Lee Harper

Threads through a filter? Or?

I had not heard of ADHD-PI, but that must be me. And threads… my threads are all tied up in a big knotty mess! So many of them going every which way they end up like a snarled ball of yarn.

Filter is the word that has helped me and I think with your thread image the two are a good combo. I understand my ADHD as so much coming at me and with no filter, I’m trying to do everything. Getting rid of things is a real challenge, because I can find a use for almost anything. Fabric scraps? A quilt. Buttons? Jewelry. Bigger pieces of fabric? Dog beds. And every darn book (well not quite) that I pick up is fascinating. And I volunteer at a thrift shop. Probably lot a good idea, although one side effect of ADHD, for me at least is creativity. I sure don’t want to give that up!

Mental Health is just fine as a lead in, because ADHD sure affects it! I can still hyperfocus like crazy, and sometimes that’s a good thing and at others it’s not.

I’ve been on Vyvanse for over two years. It isn’t a stimulant, so I don’t know how it compares to Adderall. I hope it works for you. My shrink said it gets into your system more slowly and evenly. Good luck!