I come from the land of Trump, and I know why he’s winning in rural communities; it’s not why you…
Ivy Brashear

Hello. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into the culture of working class & working poor Kentucky peoples & culture. One thing that resonates with me is the actual similarities the communities you are describing have with the many working class and poor communities all over this nation.

My Step grandfather came from a long line of Pullman Porters. A very proud man. Another two Great Grandfather’s, grand fathers where merchants. Had stores that had been passed down through the family until the KKK burned one of them down. The community held together, helped each other when the white town next to them ran them out of their homes, businesses, schools. One Grandmother was a seam stress. A grandfather who built the community church in Walsenburg Colorado. A grand mother who was the founder of the Alan Temple in Riverside CA. So many of us, White, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Indigenous, Immigrant and Stolen come from very proud, hard working people.

We all have more in common than not. And we are all afraid for our future, and our children’s future. You did a very good job of explaining why your people are voting, but you have not answered the question of why they are voting for Donald Trump. Why they are voting for a man who does not have their best interests in this heart. All he can do is spew rhetoric that appeals to their basest, most un christian beliefs.

A man who’s campaign strategy is the epitome of L. B. Johnson’s quote on the life-blood of maintaining the Southern Aristocracy: “If you can convince the lowest white man that he is better than the best black man (woman, LGBT, Mexican, Muslim) he will not notice your hand in his pocket.” “Convince him that he is better than everyone and he will empty his pockets for you.”.

Please know that I don’t say this as a personal attack on this portion of the Republican Party. I personally respect their honesty. Especially when you considering the voters of the other component of the Republican Party — the Hillary Clinton voters. The “All-Lives-Matter…unless they are Haitian, or Syrian, or Libyan” contingency.