Speak of Love

Speak of love

Speak of the moments your heart crushes with tears,

when a slip in time

finds you content and in a rare good place

where the harsh imploding of sadness

dissipates, just for a second.

And the world sparkles

Speak of the mannerisms

of people you admire.

Those unique blessings

bestowed solely upon each of us

as individual gifts, only we know how to give

naturally and unknowingly.

Speak of the breaking pain

that gives way to simple longing.

The pain of loneliness and the urge to connect

with others from across this land

that imprisons us in our own worlds.

Our bodies, our minds, our rollercoasters.

Speak of the reasons you have…

To throw off your bed warmth

and step into the cold aching day

That enduring, yet perhaps, small hope

that comfort will find your soul today

Speak of laughter.

The moments you chuckle when the

giggle rises up from the gurgle of your throat

and resonates behind your cheeks,

into your belly, becoming your being

Speak of your tears.

So many and rich with life

Let them fall, vulnerably and with abandon

Weep from the earth, up through your feet

through every nerve and cell, wailing

Speak of your life and hear yourself.

How you are still here and have created so much

Where and what you have been

and how you will reinvent your story tomorrow

Speak of love.

For when the waves make their final break

you will know,

that you were wrapped up,

in life’s greatest lesson

Lynne Blundell