Grieving In A Lighter Way

Lynne Cheng
Mar 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Death is certain. A loss of a loved one is a sad time. I have been to many wakes already. Families, friend and relatives donate money for the funeral expenses. Many people prefer to choose funeral service with little or no religious rites involved. They do not want to go through all those traditions which may be costly to the bereaved family.

During the wake the bereaved family are preoccupied. They cannot think straight and decide on certain matters. I have seen this scenario a lot of times. But funeral service providers will make it a lot easier, less hassle and less stress. They offer tons of funeral packages. I have seen in a lot of documentaries, movies and even in my own hometown how this funeral service providers work. They offer funeral packages which can sometimes be affordable and sometimes be expensive.

Asian countries are mostly religious individuals. They prefer to have their funeral be according to what they believe. Thus the funeral service providers have also adapted to their clients wishes. The services can come in packages. Funeral packages in Singapore vary because of the high percentage of religious individuals settled therein. From Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Hindu the packages may be different. Because these funeral service providers adjust their services to the wishes of the deceased, the funeral package may be costly. These packages contain booking fee at a crematorium or a burial site, casket, embalming, facilities and equipment and include food. Further it includes clothing for the deceased, use of an air-conditioned bus, photo enlargement, hearse, manpower and driver. Some optional services offer arrangement for tables, chairs and refreshments.

The funeral packages evolve in a bid to maintain responsiveness to the client’s needs. Because Asian countries are known to be religious persons, the service providers must be able to have a grasp of the religions of their clients. One of the main goals of funeral service providers is to adequately make the arrangements according to the wishes of the bereaved family. The funeral industry in Singapore composed of funeral homes, cemetery owners and operators and manufacturers of burial and memorial products that offer pre-need services. Many funeral service providers therein offer a lot of alluring packages which will make the passing of a loved one be a lot easier. In choosing a funeral director in Singapore, make sure that such is a legitimate one, because there some who pretend to be in that service. And they also offer Pre-Plan and Life Funeral Planning Services for single parents, children and adults. People often select a funeral home or cemetery because it is close to home, has served the family in the past or has been recommended to them.

Planning a funeral is stressful and at the same time emotional. Many are afraid of dying but death is inevitable. Some people prefer to plan for their funeral thus they avail of death insurance. This way the family left behind will not have a hard time preparing for the funeral. It relieves them from the stress of thinking how should the funeral go about.