Practical Gifts for Kids and Teens

The time you reach adulthood, and you are already earning your own money, there is no greater feeling in the world than sharing your blessings to others, more so, to those younger than you are. It may seem easy to choose gifts for people your own age — as you might practically have the same taste (you lived in same generation, so that’s quite expected,) and it isn’t that difficult to figure out what they might need. However, the young ones nowadays were raised in a much different time when everything is fast paced, all handed in easily, and every gadget is a necessity. Have you ever been in that situation when you find it difficult what gifts to give to younger people?

Worry not, here are some practical gift ideas for kids and teens:

Something they can use in school

While it is tempting to buy your young niece or nephew that latest iPad you’ve spotted online, you do know that spoiling a kid too much may not bring positive results later in life. Why not gift the young one a customized drawstring bag or customized notebook from countries like Singapore? Perhaps, that teenager cousin of yours would appreciate a set of drawing supplies that he or she can use in his/her art class. Or perhaps, an umbrella or a raincoat to use for the changing weather. Samantha, an aunt to 5 children from Singapore, shared how opting to just buy pragmatic gifts is wiser, “Since I know a shop that offers custom notebook printing, I opted to just order about 50 copies of notebooks with customized designs for my back-to-school gifts for my nieces and nephews. In the past, I would often give them toys, but they end up getting wrecked after they are unboxed, and I am left feeling bad that the money I spent for them was just wasted. I learned to be more practical now and made sure that what I will give them is something they will really use.”

Gadget accessories

If you can’t afford to buy the actual gadget and gizmo, settle for the accessories. A mouse pad, a headphone, an iPhone case, a cellphone holder, a camera tripod, a selfie stick — there sure are plenty of gadget accessories to choose from.

Musical Instruments

Everyone loves someone who can play a musical instrument. There’s just an instant admiration for people who can create good music. Kids and teens will surely enjoy their first time to play with a guitar, violin, keyboard, or drums. Be the reason for them to start discovering their passion.


What can be more practical than gifting someone with clothes? Just remember to consider the young one’s color preference, style, and size so you won’t end up seeing a frown on their faces when they unwrap the gift and realize that what you gave them is not something they will ever wear.

Adult-ing, for most part of it, is all about learning to give back. And sharing what you earned to the younger peeps is a good sign you are living a fine and meaningful adult life. As a famous adage says, joy is best experienced only when shared.