DogBlog – week 1

I worked out how to open my eyes just yesterday and I couldn’t believe what I saw! Can you believe I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters? We all live with my mummy and a family of humans. The humans are quite big and hairy but their hair doesn’t seem to be all over their bodies which is a bit odd. Anyway the humans told us we’re all very special puppies as we’re training to be assistance dogs for Dogs for the Disabled. I don’t know what that means but hey it’s nice to know I’m special!

The humans that we live with must love me lots cause they pick me up lots every day and they always seem to be checking all the bits of my body. I don’t think any bits have fallen off that I’ve noticed. While my brothers and sisters and I are drinking our milk from our mummy they play us some very strange noises from a machine in their living room. I heard one of the humans call it ‘sensory’. I don’t know what that means but it’s got lots of really loud noises in it and it really frightened us the first few times! We were so scared we couldn’t concentrate on drinking our milk but we’ve got used to it now and it doesn’t bother us so much.

Every week the humans measure us and see how heavy we are and they write it all down in a big book! I’ve heard them say my brother Fergus is the heaviest but I’m sure that means I’ll be able to run faster than him!

Hey now it’s all changed and we don’t get our milk from mummy all the time any more! The humans keep trying to make us stand and walk on things that are slippy and make funny noises. I don’t like the things that make the funny noises but I quite like the slippy things! We’ve got toys to play with now as well. I love these humans so much, I want to stay here forever and ever.

Ok so now the humans have gone a bit weird again and keep shouting ‘quickly, quickly’ at us. I have a feeling it’s something to do with pee pees?

Ow ow ow! Today our humans took us to see a man called a vet and he stuck something sharp in me and it really hurt!! All my brothers and sisters got jabbed too so we’re all feeling a bit sad today. Our humans said it was so we don’t get sick when we’re big dogs.

Our humans said today is a really important day cause we have to go to Dogs for the Disabled headquarters and get assessed. Ooh we don’t know what that means but we’re hoping we don’t get jabbed again.