6 Tips from Buccaneer Kids for Choosing School Shoes

Your child will be spending many years wearing school shoes and it is vital that your child wears the correct shoes. We chatted to Buccaneer School Shoes to find out what parents need to consider when choosing school shoes for their child.

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It is of paramount importance to choose the correct shoes for your child, since a child’s foot is still growing and the bones are soft while they are still developing. Wearing ill fitting shoes can lead to more serious long term problems than blisters and foot pain such as bunions, corns and ingrown toenails.

Buccaneer has been in operation for more than 100 years and they advise that you follow these steps to buy perfectly fitting shoes for your child:

Choosing school shoes
  • Follow The School Shoe Checklist

Make sure to follow this checklist when buying school shoes.

  • Ensure that there is a thumb width between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. Your child should be able to wiggle his toes.
  • The widest part of the shoes should match the widest part of your child’s foot.
  • The fastening mechanism should firmly hold the heel in place.
  • The sole should be flexible enough to bend around the ball of the foot, but it must not twist.
  • The fit at the heel must be snug but comfortable (not too tight). The heel must be strong and stable.
  • The shoe must be wide enough to allow for another 6 months growth.
  • Don’t buy overlarge shoes — they can lead to injuries.
  • Toe Wiggle

The toe wiggle is really important. There should be no bulges and your child should be able to freely wiggle his toes and the shoe should not hurt.

  • Quality Shoes Last Longer

While cheaper shoes may seem to be a cost saver that will only be true in the short term. School shoes will be worn every day for the better part of the day and your child will be running and playing in them so they will be taking a beating. If you buy cheaper school shoes you may find that they won’t last until your child outgrows them which will mean buying another pair of shoes.

Buying quality shoes will ensure not only that your child’s foot is comfortable but you won’t need to replace them until your child has outgrown them.

  • Avoid Second Hand Shoes and Slip-On Shoes

Over time shoes mold to the shape of the wearer’s foot, which means that wearing hand-me-down shoes could cause problems for your child’s feet. Experts advise lace-up, velcro or buckle up shoes and warn against slip-on shoes for school children.

  • Buy School Shoes At The End Of The Day

Your child’s feet will be at their biggest at the end of the day since often feet swell during the day. So avoid morning shopping for school shoes and go at the end of the day instead.

  • Have Growing Pains Checked Out

Often when children complained of leg and foot pain it was passed off as growing pains and nothing to be worried about. However in recent years podiatrists recommend that parents have leg and foot pain checked as most foot pain is preventable.

As well as having any leg, foot, heel or knee pains checked out it is important to check out any of the following:

  • regular falling or tripping without explanation
  • shoes wearing down unevenly
  • toenail or skin irritation

Buccaneer School Shoes are available at:

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