Weekly Journal Update 11

April 6,2017

I am actually kind of excited to discuss this week’s module because it finally talks about the power, strength, and importance of women. In my opinion, not because I am a woman, I believe that are strongest and fearless human beings that were to ever live. Women go through so much bull but still have the strength to bounce back from it and become an even stronger individual. Men have their struggles as well just like everybody else, but I feel as though they do not have to go through as much compared to women. It is sad though, I would say, that a society tends to have the habit of shunning women that are in power or higher positions. Women are most of the time viewed as “weak, naïve, and incapable.” As women, it is our job to prove society wrong and show them why women “run the world.” Enough about my ranting, in the introductory of the module, we are re-introduced to Antony and Plutarch. In the Life of Antony, women that were given the title and power of authority were very important. When it comes to Plutarch, he speaks more of the subject of the strengths of men but he also makes powerful women the main focal point. Along the way in the Virtues of Women, were introduced to a female friend of his by the name of Clea. Clea was the dedicatee of an Plutarchan essay being a colleague of Plutarch. She tried to gain her power and strengths whether it was through the community or individually.

In the preface of Plutarch’s Virtues of Women, Plutarch starts off by stating that his beliefs about women in power were different from Thucydides. He believes that the best woman leaders are the ones that are not talked about the most out in the streets and knows what can and con not be displayed for the world to see. It is important to protect your image and not let people see you at your worse. You must always uphold you image and represent yourself in the way that you feel as though people would respect you and take you seriously. A leader should not be talked about in the streets; it also affects your image in a negative way. Roman culture tends to have a great impact on women in comparison to men. After the death of Leontis, Plutarch realized that both women and men’s virtues are one is the same. He goes on into illustrating some examples as comparisons between men and women. In his first example, he uses a painting. He states that if we were to assert that both a man and woman painted a particular painting that it was fine but if there were a painting where a woman had painted it, would anybody think it was actually who painted it? Another example he uses if the practice of poetry. Poetry that is made by a man and women are one in the same but if they were to be set aside by each other, who would think the better piece belonged to? In this case, they face a gender crisis. They found it difficult to learn the differences and similarities between the virtues of men and women from any other source.

When we continue to take a closer look at the art, the great works of art were similar and significant of the Semiramis, which featured similar character and patterns that were also similar to the Sesostris. They all had similar traits when it came to their work. The point of virtues is to have different kinds of diversities, natures, and customs. For example, Achilles was brave in one certain aspect and different in another which was wisdom. Everyone is different in different kinds of ways when it come to bravery, wisdom, and justice. Every single individual are unique and different and every kind of way. Women get the job done better than men. There are many deeds to mention that women have done in the past, present, and future.

April 7, 2017

In the second part of the module, the story is broken down into 15 different parts. The first one starts off with The Trojan Women. Most of the women of Troy escaped and had to battle a storm due to the inexperience in either navigation or just the ignorance of the seas. While the men were just wandering around out and about in the country, it occurred to women that the wondering reflects happy and successful people of ay kinds of sort which in a sense makes it better than wandering and voyaging. Women realized that if you are not happy and successful in life, you would end up wasting your time wandering for nothing and becoming nothing other than just yourself and not the person that you are capable of bring. It is a mans job to keep the aspect of fatherhood, creating fatherland in a sense to show that they can still recover from mishaps and still continue to push forward from that regardless what the situation may be. When it was time to figure out what to do, both the women and men had one mind, meaning that they were both thinking alike. They decided to burn the ships, a woman by the name of Roma took the lead and led he voyage. As they were trying to save the other ships that were being affected by the storm, many embraced their loved ones but still tried to do what they had to do. A woman had the courage to step up and take the lead which made the Trojans realize that women are what a society needs to to get the job done.

Part two talks about the women of phocis. The deeds of the women in Phocis were not able to get written due to the fact that there were no writers of high statue to describe and write down the facts properly but the people of Phocis knew that bravery was instilled in women and they were inferior to most obstacles that they had to face throughout their journals and lifetime. During this time, a war had broken out which caused many people to become hostages and trying to make children and women slaves. But of course, you know that women were not having that and tried to make things right for the sake of the city and children especially. A man by the name of Daiphantus persuaded the men to meet the Thessalians in battle and bringing along a few women that he believed were capable of fighting in the battle. I try to tell people but they just take me as a joke. Women are the strongest kinds of people that you will ever meet or encounter with, I promise you. Different kinds of people were involved rather they were women, men, straight, gay, it did not matter. Even back then the children were extremely smart and wise. The children decided to hold an assembly on their own and passed a vote as to what their beliefs were and what they thought had to be done for the sake of the town. I can picture it not in my head these children just coming together for a cause. It is brilliant. After all had been said and done, they gained the victory in the battle.

Part three talks about the women of chios. The Chians had a settlement that they had to get resolved one way or another. What were the causes? There was a man that was getting married. His wife was sent home in a chariot while the king, Hippoclus, and others were bin attendance drinking and having the time of their lives until it came to a fatal ending for most. After the ceremony shenanigans, the friends of the bridegroom ended up killing Hippoclus. People became frustrated and angry with the outcome and upsetted the gods which forced the people and all those involved in the murder to get out of the city. Later the people, mainly men, were involved in a war with the Erythraeans. The men wanted to hold out on the war because they figured that it was too hard for them. Women, of course, called them cowards for thinking that they were just going to lay down, cross their hands, and think that everything would be all good and gravy. The women had to them advise the men that leaving was not an option but rather staying and fighting this battle. The Chiaans then learned the courage by the women which ended up saving the day. Women possessed an outcome of being fierce and having a savage spirit.

April 9,2017

Next, we are introduced to the women of argos. Out of all the deed possible that were performed by women, the attention of it was not famous for the struggle against Cleomenes for Argos. When it came down to business, women had an oracle that was given to them to cultivate the Muses, following the god’s advice. She then devoted herself to the different kinds of poetry and music in order to relieve herself of troubles and was greatly admired by other women. Along the way, an inspiring younger women had the deed to try to fight off the enemy’s for the country’s sake. The women that fell into battle were privileged of the statue of Ares as a memorial of valor. They were clothed in men shirts and cloaks while the men wore women’s robes and veils. This is prime example as to how women can do just about the thing men can do. You have men wearing women clothing and women wearing men clothing. Is that not interesting? It was reputed that the women showed disrespect and an intentional indifference to those husbands in their married relations from a feeling that they were underlings.

In part five, we take a brief look at the Persian women. During this time, Cyrus introduced the Persians to revolt from Astyages and the Medes that he had defeated in battle. As the Persians attempted to flee, the women halted in front of them standing their grounds and making them look like the biggest cowards that they were. In life, you just can not pick up and leave because you are trying to avoid confrontation or because things are starting to get rough on your end, it just does not work like that. Imagine if everyone had that same mentality to run away from their problems, nothing would get resolved and problems would begin to escalate over time and time again causing conflict and issues which can lead to even bigger conflicts and issues along the way. As a sign of good faith, as the king rode into the city, he rewarded the women with a gold coin for the bravery and courage that they had to do what they had to do in order to make things right.

Moving along, we begin the talk about the Celtic women. These women decided to put themselves between the armed forces and taking controversies amongst themselves in order to create a sense of fairness when it was brought to the attention of both state and families. As a resulted, they consulted with the women in regards to the war and peace and creating a relationship with their allies. It is true when they say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

April 11, 2017

At number 7, we begin to talk about the women of Melos. The Malians put a young, handsome man in charge by the name of Nymphaeus. The gods ordered them to sail and settle at a particular place. It all came about when they put in at Caria and went ashore and the ships were destroyed due to the storms. Seeing the events that has taken place, it was necessary that they had to prepare and take precautions as to what was needed for next time something like that were to happen again. Along the way, a woman by the name of Caphena fell in love with Nymphaeus and she wanted to be involved with the sea travels. The women were advised to carry a sword in their garment and sit by their husbands’ side. All at once, the women made the first move by opening their garments allowing the men to capture the swords and attacking the barbarians and slay them all together. It took honor, gratitude, and courage for the women to fight in the battle along side with the men.

There were so many important women from different areas that were mentioned in this module but I was unable to fit them all into this journal, but I know based off of the reading, that all of these women from these different places were strong, bold, and courageous and did not depend on any kind of man to tell them what to do which makes women incredible and as beyonce puts it, girls run the world!