What if there was a fire!

Everyone has insurance of some kind, whether its car, house, life, medical or others. The thing is, can you remember what companies you are with? when they are due for renewal, or indeed where the actual policies are?

If you’re anything like me, the policies come in the post, you open them, check all is well then pop them in the the kitchen drawer and forget where they are, or at least you think you’ve put them in the kitchen drawer!

Photo by Thomas Ehling on Unsplash

So what happens if theres a fire?

Your house is burnt down, theres nothing left, you are devastated, you have lost all your precious things, photos are gone, nothing to show for all the years you have lived there, nothing can replace them.

At least you have insurance, you need to give them a call, but where is the paperwork? Has it been destroyed in the fire?

What do you do now, you have no back-up plan for anything. Can you remember who you had the policy with? How can you phone when you have no idea who you are with. When life gets complicated you really just need a few simple facts at your fingertips to remove so much of the stress.

These are the things that a lot of people take for granted, I am one of them, I have a drawer with all my documents in them from breakdown cover to car insurance, house insurance and even life insurance, I had never thought about the what ifs before. Everything is a muddle, the important is mixed with the trivial and there is no order. “one day” i will sort it all out :-)

Now thank to a clever new app called Twasme, we can all store important documents, photos, emails and other information in one secure digital cabinet. Twasme allows you to create any number of “drawer” in your cabinet.

I created a drawer and gave it the title “Policies”. I have lots of other drawers where I have collected things about the kids, list for shopping and holiday backing and one for my personal notes but back to the matter of insurance…

Twasme makes it simple to add information either from your email or using the in-built document scanner or just by taking a photo. When you are inside your email app or your photos app you can just tap the share button and find the “Add to Twasme” button. One tap and whatever you are looking at is added to your Twasme in-tray. For paper documents that arrive in the post, the app includes a document scanner that quickly captures each page of a document and magically misses out the kitchen table, fingers or other background clutter and fixes up the document to be super readable.

When you later open the Twasme app it will confirm that items have been added to your in-tray. Open that and you will see all the images of the policies documents and emails that you have added. You can add these to your policies drawer by simply tapping “Add a new entry” and selecting in-tray as the source. Now tap the items you want, so for example you may want to add the car insurance document first, finally you can give your entry a title and press save. With the first entry secure you can go and do the same for all the other insurances you have, then you have all important documents in one place on this clever app.

Twasme has completely simplified my life, and given me peace of mind, I have all important information in one place, and I can access this information anytime by just going into the app. I don’t even need wifi to use it, now that is very clever, how many apps do that?

Why not give it a try yourself, see if it makes your life as easy as mine is now.