Foosball Game — One Or Three Goalie?

Susanne Randy
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The talks about determining which of these two is better, foosball one goalie or three-goalie is a never-ending debate.

Foosball one goalie or three is a tricky question for everyone. There are numerous opinions and point of views about which is better. But then, it really depends on the player’s preference, and level of pleasure-hunting.

Now, everyone must be wondering as to why foosball tables have one goalie while the others have three?

Primarily, any type of table is just fine. Be it one goalie or three goalie table type. On a three-goalie foosball table, there is a side defender, it can be found either of the sides.

One man goalie is much more widely known compared to three man goalie, but then, there are still those who prefer three-man goalie over one man goalie.

Now, why do some prefer one goalie while the others favor three goalies?

But before that, let us see the things we look keenly in determining which of the two would really suit our preference and style in gaming.

To see their differences more keenly, let’s see which one will be more suitable for you as a player. Here are some of the advantages you can take on when you play one goalie foosball as well as of three goalie foosball.

These are the advantages of one goalie foosball:

● Taking advantage of space control

With one goalie foosball, there is an advantage in taking much more control in space not worrying for the crowd.

● Good for people with great agility

The speed of your reaction or the required agility plays an essential role for you to win the game. Thus, if you are the type which can react fast and abruptly, then one goalie foosball is the game for you.

● Most popular

One goalie foosball is widely known and played in the European table thus if you are looking for peers to play it with you, then you will never really get trouble in finding some.

Furthermore, one goalie foosball is more preferred, especially for tournaments and competitions. So, if you are seeking entitlements and accomplishments, this it is an advisable game for you because you can compete and go to tournaments with it.

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If there are good things about one-goalie foosball, there are as well setbacks and downside of it. Here are some of the disadvantages when playing a one-goalie foosball:

● Teamwork

One goalie foosball is not an advisable table game for team-building. It does not require teamwork as compared with three goalies foosball.

● One-goalie foosball table may be hard to find

Unfortunate, finding a one-goalie foosball table is can be a pain in the ass. It may be sad to say but manufacturers nowadays no longer release or make tables with one goalie anymore.

It depends on your area. If there are no one-goalie foosball table available in your area, then you need to travel to get more, or you can get it online and it may cost a little bit more expensive, too.

After discussing the one-goalie foosball, let’s now examine and look closely to the advantages of playing a three-goalie foosball. Here is the list of its advantages:

● This game will spoil you with good assistance

One good thing in playing a 3-goalie foosball is having allies and assistance.

● Suitable game for team players

Three-goalie foosball is a team game. Coordination and cooperation are essential characteristics of any three-goalie foosball player. You are needed to reach out with your teammates and to think like one.

Teamwork is highly needed in this game, you need to trust and depend on other team players for you to win.

● It is considered to be a standard game by many

Playing a three-goalie foosball is considered by some as a standard.

High regard is given for players of three-goalie foosball. It must be because it is more challenging compared to one goalie foosball.

After knowing the edges of playing a three-goalie foosball, let’s now go and examine its disadvantages:

• Only a few are familiar in playing it

If you love three-goalie foosball and wanted to play it whenever you see one in a customized café or playhouse, one of the realities of it is that not everyone can play with you.

It is because more people know more about one-goalie foosball compared with three-goalie foosball. And so, you cannot really enjoy it playing with different people. There are even some areas where they know nothing about it nor did they saw a three-goalie foosball table. And that can be a sad drawback about it.

• Not a challenging game

Some consider three-goalie foosball as a boring and not-so-challenging table game. It might be because of the level of their expertise but usually, for those who already had played three-goalie foosball, they come on returning to one-goalie foosball. Why? Because according to them, one goalie-foosball is more fun.

Now that we already know which one better suits us, then let’s now choose our table. When choosing your foosball table, there are several things you need to consider. The same as with the foosball table corner ramps.

But wait. Before that, did you know what is that foosball table corner ramps?

There are foosball tables which didn’t come with the corner ramps or side ramps and what happens when your foosball table has no corner ramps or the one with completely flat, the rectangular surface which cannot touch the ball in the corner.

The table corner ramps are the ones that will keep the ball returning a controlled manner. Otherwise, you may wish to have the table near or close to the wall.

Now, in choosing your ideal foosball table, you may buy a brand-new one or pre-owned ones. Pre-owned or foosball table which is slightly used by others and posted it again on any online business portal for reselling. This can be much cheaper than buying a totally new one.

Then here comes your next question. Can I change my table from 3 to 1 goalie?

The answer is simple. Yes, you may do so.

Oh? We can convert it? How can we convert it? Would it cost money?

Well, you don’t really have to worry much. In converting a three-goalie foosball table to one-goalie foosball table, here are the steps:

● Remove the parts

Of course, first thing’s first. All you need to do is to remove the parts. The rods, the bolts, and everything.

● Take out the rods

Take out the rods and stuff it with a rubber stopper, a goalie and another rubber stopper, and get it back.

● Attach again the parts

Attach again the players and the stopper. Make sure that the players are on the proper orientation.

● Do it again on the other side.

● Usher the other four corner pieces out.

● Position each one on the different corner.

In doing so, you may make use of double-sided tapes or a much cheaper alternative to secure it on the table.

With all the requirements in playing a foosball game is already set-up, you are now ready to be at the top of your game.

Now here are some of the questions which may run again to your mind as you go along the journey of becoming a foosball player:

• How should I upgrade my knowledge and expertise in playing foosball?

· Join tournaments

This will help you to enhance your skills and experience in playing the game.

Another thing joining tournaments help you is being able to meet different type of people in the game. And by doing so, gaining different experiences and learning from them.

· Don’t forget to follow and respect the rules.

Know the illegal moves and the appropriate techniques. Spinning is one of the foul moves when playing a foosball game.

· Choose your table wisely

Well, it is said that your table plays a vital role in having a good play with your goalie foosball. It is said that corresponding your height as a player to your table’s will help you leverage on the game. It must be because you will be more comfortable in playing the game if everything aligns well.

• What are the other things I need to examine first as a foosball player?

· Should I buy a brand-new or second-hand foosball table?

It really takes time to decide whether to buy a brand-new or second-hand one. We don’t want any form of regrets here. Determining the quality as well as your budget for the item is a no-joke. Thus, you should take time.

· How about the size of your goalie foosball table?

Of course, we need to consider this thing, too. If our room is spacious enough, then we could have no problem with purchasing a bigger goalie foosball.

But if you are saving up space and wanted to maximize, then you should really take a quantitative consideration about this matter.

· The price or the brand?

Honestly, it really depends on which one prefers you and suits you. You don’t really have force yourself just because everyone says this one particular brand is better than the other when you have other preferences.

· What should you expect in getting a foosball table?

You need to assemble it first. You can’t really play it as soon as you buy it. That is a sad part there. You need to give time in setting up the table, following the instruction manuals provided together with it before you could enjoy it.

· Is goalie foosball limited for kids only?

Well, we know that foosball game is designed primarily for kids and teenagers to play. But then again, there’s nothing wrong for an adult to play it, too.

Playing a foosball game, be it a foosball one goalie or three, what matters at the end of the day is your preference, your state of heart, your happiness.

It is okay to be competitive and aim for victory in every game, but most importantly one must never forget that in playing a game, do not lose your manners. Do not lose your sportsmanship. And to always be fair. After all, that’s how all sports should be.

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