What Is DACA and Why Is It So Important to the Immigrant Community?
Juan Escalante

Thank you for this excellent, clear information about the immigration process as well as about DACA. So many people blithely say that people should do the paperwork legally and become a citizen. But unless they have had experience with it, they can’t know the arduous and often impossible process that it is. My ‘adopted’ son (I”m a teacher and took him in when his extended family was about to make him quit school at 16 and work in the fields) has DACA and it has allowed him to become an adult with dignity, to support himself without sneaking around and working ‘under the table.’ He was brought here at the age of 6, and would have no idea how to live in Mexico, so DACA was really a saving grace for him and so many like him. I hope many people take the time to read what you have prepared, as it’s excellent!