Creating a new home in the Midwest

1 year ago today I eagerly opened the door to my new home in Minneapolis. After having driven across the Western US to get here, I arrived with all of my possessions — two suitcases filled with clothes.

The drive back to my native Midwest from Southern California was leisurely and still familiar. 23 years before I made the same drive — in the opposite direction. It was time now for my next chapter.

In these 12 months since I got to Minneapolis, I slowly turned my empty apartment into a new home here. …

“Well, that’s different”

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Where will the tracks lead in 2020?

As we say here in the Midwest, 2020 is ‘different when it comes to travel for most all of us. While it is true that I proclaimed in 2019 that is was finally time for me to ‘slow down travel’, I never imagined to what extent this would happen. In January as what would be the pandemic emerged, I wrote a short piece acknowledging what I assumed would be my (lack of) travel in 2020. Here we are 8 months later and how is it going?

Australian summer, Feb 2017, I took a break from coding and walked around Sydney harbor. Despite the stunning beauty, I felt an unnatural, desert-like, searing heat in the air. And every year it is getting hotter there. In 2019, Sydney set a record of 107 degrees.

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That same year there were devastating fires in many parts of Oz. …


Lynn Langit

Cloud Architect who codes

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