A love letter from your fat friend.
Your Fat Friend

Wonderful, wonderful piece. The only thing I would add is let yourself be angry, really angry. Move on, but don’t ever lose that anger. Just put it away someplace deep inside yourself so you can call on it when you need it — like when you tell people they’ve been hurting you with their comments and they’re fine for a week, or a month, and then they drop another “helpful” comment. They’ll respond better to anger — it will take longer for them to insult you and hurt you again, and eventually they will learn to shut up around you. And anger will help you make changes in the world around you. You can live a nice life, find a personal solution for your personal life, but until we make significant social changes any new doctor or employer or government agency can pull the rug out from under you with their prejudice and discrimination. Forus, there are no permanent personal solutions to social problems. Only activism that results in social change will end our pain.

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