Why Straight White Women Perpetuate the Patriarchy
Emma Lindsay

“Most women with serious intersectionality (women of color, trans women, disabled women, etc.) have to fight so hard to survive they can’t produce larger cultural works.”

Yep. I feel like society has improved a lot in terms of helping people with mobility impairments get into the working world, but that’s where it ends. Accessible buildings are great for those who have mobility impairments, but there is absolutely no help for those with invisible disabilities. In my country, 70% of people with chronic conditions do not work. They are either on welfare or dependent on a partner. Yet with modern technology, it would be very possible for many with chronic conditions to work outside the home. After all, would it matter if we were physically present at an office if we still got our work done? Would it mater whether we worked our 8 hours from noon to 8 pm, or from 6am to 2pm? Would it matter if we took three days off during a bad flare, but then worked through the weekend? The future is here, yet those of us with disabilities are often given a stark choice: career or health. It sucks to know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

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