The most important factor for coliving house

Who do you want to have brunch with? (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with — Jim Rohn

What is the most important factor for coliving house? It is to recruit the ‘right’ house mates. It is to make sure that you are choosing the ‘like-minded’ people. In other words, who do you want to live with?

Who do you want to be surrounded with everyday?

As mentioned in early posting ‘why i started the coliving house in Chiang Mai,’ here in Chiang Mai, it is cheaper and easier to live alone in a nice and convenient condo near the city. Thus, I could be sure that anyone who comes to live with us are people who value the importance of community. So I could easily filtered those audience who value the community more than their own convenience.

Then, what is the second huddle or factor that differentiate our house mates? The answer came pretty easily. I want to be surrounded people who are more conscious about nature.

People who value — community and nature

Here I am not looking for tight or heavy collective. Rather I am looking for people who knows the small joy of sharing. People who knows that magic happens when we share our life stories, experiences, or skills to each other. Also those of who care little more about nature. Do little things everyday to take care the planet where we are living with. For me, ‘coliving’ means to live better together with nature and small lives surrounding us.

We are located slightly outside of the town, around 15 min. We are located in the quiet town where you can wake up listening to birds singing and dogs barking. Also we have small garden where banana tree is growing. Plus I am fostering the dog from animal rescue center. Yes, it is a nice town house with kitchen, garden and puppy. It is a house where you can be surrounded with greens.

Hey- the puppy of Matehaus :)

People in transition

I am always fascinated by the stories of life change — especially those stories which people stand up for what they believe and really take into actions. Luckily people who come to live in Chiang Mai for 1 or 2 months are highly likely those people. Why? Unlike other beach areas in the south or fancy surfing town, Chiang Mai is rather calm and peaceful town where you can sit down and do your work. Also Chiang Mai is one of the towns with low cost of living and fast internet connection. Moreover it is close to mountains with many temples. All of these conditions attract those rather ‘serious’ people who are at the stage of life change, in other words ‘people in transition.’

Thus I imagined the house where people who is about to start their own project, or change their career dramatically, or those who really need to find mindfulness in life, come to live together to encourage and support each other. We will have small chat every morning while making coffee and looking after the puppy. Time to time we would get serious while drinking beers at night, sharing own worries and concerns.

coliving is all about people — at Matehaus, Chiang Mai

That is how I recruited the members of the house — A house for life-changers, non-conformists, nature lovers, and explorers.