Why I started the coliving house in Chiang Mai, Thailand

matehaus, the first coliving house in Chiang Mai (Thailand)

2015 July, I left my job, home and even relationship in search of my identity and passion. For 1 year and half, I traveled around the world solo, visiting farms and communities. I stayed at various places from the most basic bamboo hut in Thailand to luxurious villa in Morocco. At the end of the road, I still do not know what my passion is or true identity is. And yes, I learned that it is perfectly normal. You cannot know yourself after just 1 year world tour. That only happens in Hollywood movie. Instead I am slowly getting to learn how to be honest with myself and emotion. I asked myself for the next step after long tiresome tour. The answer was this. I want to make ‘home.’

Home, where we gather around the table to share food (Thailand)

What is ‘home’?

When I picture the most happiest moment in my life is the moment when I am surrounded by people I love while sharing food together. This image or definition of happiness has never been changed ever since I was young. This is the image of home where people stay together become mentally and physically healthy! While wondering around the world, I searched for ‘home.’ Communities in India, farm in Thailand and shared house in Berlin all made nice temporary home for me. There I could heal my wounds and get motivated for new challenges ahead. Especially ‘home’ in Berlin gave me the most inspiration. It was the place I interacted with like-minded people and get inspired! So why not make ‘home’ for myself and others too?

Home, where like-minded people live together (Berlin, Germany)

Not real estate, But Community

When talking of starting ‘shared house’ or ‘coliving house,’ it is quite easy to fall into the category of ‘real estate.’ Well, it is one of the most important factor. But frankly speaking, I am not good at all with this real estate or any sort of that big-money-involved thing.

There are many coliving houses as it becomes another trend. Yet they are focusing mainly on real-estate aspects — House in big mega cities where you can get cool living with affordable living, luxurious villa or hippie house located in sunny beach. Yes they look all very cool and nice, but I want to know “WHO” lives there, and “HOW” we live together with harmony. I see the ‘house’ but I do not find ‘coliving’ or ‘community.’

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Winter was coming. I had to make decision quickly. (I simply hate cold weather) Then I remembered Chiang Mai, Thailand. The city with smiles and sun, not to mention affordable cost of living. People will not do coliving house for the sake of saving money. Because here in Chiang Mai, it is super mega easy to find own apartment very cheap. Yes, cheaper living alone, then together, which is often the case in Korea and Japan as well. Sad but true. This society or capitalism isolate people! Anyway, If people come to live with us, it will be purely for the sake of ‘coliving.’ I was sure about it because I have lived in small condo before in Chiang Mai as well. (and I was sick and nobody there to help me) I want to know whether there are people like me out there. People who appreciate the value of community, living together. People who enjoy nature and living with mindfulness.

it is nice to have home here — coliving house, Matehaus (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
“Living together is an art. It’s a patient art, it’s a beautiful art, it’s fascinating.” ― Pope Francis


That is how first coliving house in Chiang Mai started 2016 November.

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