Download And Play The Fun Running Surfers Game

Running games are some of the most fun and exciting games that you can play. This type of game is simple, you just try to run away from someone or something that is chasing you. But it won’t be easy since you will also have to avoid obstacles that are in front of you or else you’d get caught. One of the best running games that you can play right now is Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers is an online arcade running game where your goal is to avoid being caught by the Grumpy Inspector and his dog. But like all running games, you also have to avoid many different obstacles that are in your way. You’ll have to dodge, slide under, or jump over these different obstacles. But what makes the Subway Surfers game more fun to play? Let’s discuss the reasons.

What Makes This Game Fun To Play

The Subway Surfers game is not your ordinary running arcade game since it has unique features that make it more fun and exciting to play. Many of the things that they offer are not found in other games. Below are some of the things that they are offering that makes the Subway Surfers online more fun to play.

You Don’t Just Run On The Subway Surfers Game

One of the things that makes Subway Surfers more fun to play is the fact that you don’t just run on the subway in this game. As the title of the game suggests, you also get to surf on the subway. Jake, Tricky, & Fresh have hoverboards, which you can use for a brief period. The boards will allow you to surf and escape in style.

You get to surf on the train tracks, over trains, and so on. But the beauty of using the hoverboard is that you also get an extra life. Usually, if you hit an obstacle it’s game over and you are caught. But if you hit the obstacle while you are using the hoverboard, the hoverboard gets destroyed and you can continue running forward. This idea is a great way to cover more distance, thus increasing your score.

You Can Run Obstacle Free
On Subway Surfers

Another cool thing about Subway Surfers online is that there is a way for you to run obstacle-free for a certain period. That’s right, you just need the help of the Power Jump power-up. If you come across that particular power-up, which looks like a pogo stick, it will make you jump up in the sky and then run on the surface. The surface will be full of coins and no obstacles to avoid.

Though this will only be for a while, it is still a fun and cool feature since this allows you to run obstacle-free for a short period and help increase your scores. You also get to earn more coins in the process, which is a great bonus to have.

Subway Surfers Allows You To Play
With Your Friends

Playing games with friends is always a fun endeavor and Subway Surfers know that. This is why they are allowing you to play the game with your friends. You just need to connect your account to Facebook and the game will automatically add your Facebook friends who are already playing the game. Once they’re added, you can already see their scores and have some friendly competition.

Your friends can help you earn more coins in the process. When you visit their account, you can see how many runs that they have already completed. Every time they complete 50 runs, you get to earn 350 coins. This is a great way to earn more coins in the game, which you can use for various things. So you have to make sure that your friends are playing the game as often as possible. You can challenge them to see who will get the highest score in a run to make them play often.

But since your friends are helping you every time they complete a run, you also get to help them whenever you complete a run. So you also need to make sure that you are playing as often as possible since your friends in Subway Surfers will also benefit from it.

Subway Surfers Online Features

Subway Surfers is one of the most fun and exciting running games that you can play. Like any typical running game, you are trying to run away from the Grump Train Inspector and his dog. And at the same time, you are also trying to avoid the different obstacles that are in your way. But what makes the Subway Surfers game more fun and exciting is because of its great features.

One of the main features of this game is the ability to use a hoverboard. Yes, you don’t just get to run away from the enemy, you can use your character’s hoverboard and try to escape and avoid obstacles in style. But what’s great about the hoverboard is that you also get an extra life if you are using it. When you hit an obstacle while you’re riding the hoverboard, the board just gets destroyed and you can continue running forward.

But what other features does Subway Surfers offer? Let’s discuss each one of them here.

The Different Game Features

Subway Surfers Has Many Different Characters Available

One of the main features that the Subway Surfers game offers is that there are many different characters that you can use in the game. Jake, Tricky, & Fresh are the main characters of the game but will start with Jake, as he is the default character. Other characters are not accessible at the beginning and will require that you unlock them.

Most of the characters can be unlocked by the coins that you collect so make sure to collect as many as you can. Other characters will require special ways like connecting your account to Facebook or making purchases. There are 85 different characters that you can use in Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers Power-Ups

Another main feature that the app offers is that there are different power-ups that you can find. These power-ups offer different abilities that can help you during the gameplay. There are currently 8 power-ups available for you to use, the Coin Magnet, 2x Multiplier, Jetpack, Super Sneaker, Score Booster, Mega Headstart, Power Jumper, and Super Mysterizer

The Coin Magnet will automatically attract coins towards you, while the 2x multiplier will double the multipliers that you get in the game. The Jetpack will allow you to zoom in the sky, avoiding obstacles and allowing you to cover large distances, while the Super Sneaker allows you to jump higher than usual. The Power Jumper will let you jump to the sky and land on the surface where there are many coins and no obstacles.

The Score Booster would increase the multiplier by 5,6, or 7 times, and the Mega Headstart will let you zoom in the sky. The last power-up is the Super Mysterizer, which will transform into a random item that you can use. It’s important to remember that power-ups only last for a limited time.

Subway Surfers Missions and Achievements

There are also different missions and achievements in the app that you can try to complete. Missions will reward you with more coins, which will make it easier for you to save coins for unlocking characters, hoverboards, and other things in the store. Completing achievements will give you keys, which is a utility in the game.

They are the game’s second currency and are mostly used for unlocking special outfits of your characters. You can also use keys to revive your character to allow you to continue running. But be warned, the cost of keys to reviving would double over time.

Subway Surfers Ha Cool 3D Graphics and It’s Free-to-Play

Another good feature of Subway Surfers is its cool-looking 3D graphics. The game boasts very vibrant and colorful graphics, which makes playing it even more fun. It is also a free game, which means you don’t have to worry about spending anything if you want to play Subway Surfers.

There are in-game purchases available. But you don’t really need to spend money if your goal is to just enjoy and have fun.

Subway Surfers Online Guide

How To Get Coins Faster In The Game

One of the fun arcade running games that you can play right now is Subway Surfers. Its gameplay is very similar to most running games where you run away from someone that’s chasing you while avoiding the obstacles in front. But what makes this game special is that it offers great features to increase the fun.

You can ride a hoverboard, collect power-ups, use items, and even have many different characters to choose from. Now many of the characters you can use are locked and items are also not available for free, same with the different hoverboards that you can use. Most of them can be solved by using coins, which is the main currency in Subway Surfers.

Coins can be collected whenever you make a run. But earning coins this way will likely take longer for you to accumulate enough to use in unlocking characters and boards or purchasing items. So how do you earn coins fasters? This guide will help you with that.

What are Coins Used for in Subway Surfers?

As mentioned earlier, coins are the main currency you will use in Subway Surfers. You can use them to unlock many different characters as well as hoverboards. You can also use them to buy items or power-ups that you can use while you are running. But what else can you purchase using these coins?

One of the things you can buy is Mystery Boxes, which costs 500 coins. These boxes would contain various items like tokens, coins, trophies, hoverboards, and more. The items you will get are random, so there’s no way for you to know beforehand what’s inside. Coins can also help you skip certain missions on the shop and you can also use them to upgrade power-ups.

How Do You Earn Coins Fast in Subway Surfers?

The most common way to earn coins in Subway Surfers is by collecting them during a run. There will be many coins that you can collect as you are running away from the Inspector and avoiding obstacles. If you’re lucky and got the power-up Coin Magnet, all coins you pass by will automatically go to you.

But this method won’t earn you coins fast enough. Fortunately, there are ways to earn coins faster, and here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Completing Missions — Subway Surfers will have many missions that you can complete and it will reward you with coins. Usually, you can earn 1,500 coins, which is a big amount just for completing missions.
  2. Complete Daily Challenge — Subway Surfers also have Daily Challenges that you can try to accomplish. The challenge is mostly trying to complete the word for the day and completing that can earn you coins. If you complete the Daily Challenge for 5 straight days, you also earn a Super Mystery Box.
  3. Add Friends — Adding friends in the game will instantly earn you a 5,000 coin bonus. And every time your friends complete 50 runs in Subway Surfers, you will get 350 coins. So if you have many friends and all of them are active players, you will soon be earning many coins just for them playing the game.
  4. Using Power-Ups — Power-ups are a great way to help you earn more coins when you do a run. The Coin Magnet will automatically attract coins towards you while the Jet Pack lets you collect coins in the air. The Power Jump allows you to go to the surface and collect all the coins you can without any obstacles. Power-ups can be purchased in the shop so you can easily use them in the game.
  5. Purchase Coins with Real Money — You can also buy coins using real money, which is the fastest way to get them. Though this is not really advisable, we’re mentioning it here so you will have an idea.