I’ve Practiced Kundalini Yoga Daily For The Last 9.5 Years. Here’s What I’ve Learned…

How To Kickstart A Daily Kundalini Yoga Practice

Should you start a regular Kundalini Yoga practice? You know what I’m going to say… 😉 I tried to make it easy for you… I’ve written two books (Headstart for Happiness and The Nine Keys) that incorporate many Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations along with full instructions. These books are a great reference tool to help you get started. Both books are all-levels and are appropriate for absolute beginners. I’ve also launched a YouTube channel where each week, we post a new Kundalini Yoga related video. You can subscribe and get notifications when I post new material. And for those of you who want a more personalized approach, I created an online “at home” Kundalini Yoga offering so you can practice an individually selected kriya and meditation in the comfort of your own home with oversight from me. The best way to experience the benefits are to do a 40-day consecutive practice. You don’t have to commit forever but consider committing for 40 days. For as little as three minutes per day, you too can start a regular practice and enjoy the benefits of a regular reboot, increased stability, breath control and a deeper connection to yourself. Yes, you. ☺




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