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How to Manage (or Avoid) Forward Neck Syndrome

I first noticed my neck pain two years ago. It started with tightness on the right side of my neck, running parallel to my cervical spine. For weeks, the pain radiated intermittently from the base of my skull to my right shoulder. But each time, just as I’d start to wonder if I was injured, the discomfort would fade, and things would return to normal.

Truth is, I’ve always had the bad habit of allowing stress to collect in my shoulders, causing them to tighten until sometimes I’d find myself practically in a scrunched posture — my shoulders raised up…


How to engage with your books for a richer experience

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I’ve always been an avid reader. But for several years, my big mistake was also being a passive one. Many great ideas, quotes, and creative nuggets of understanding slipped through my fingers because I moved too quickly (and passively) through the pages.

That all changed a decade ago with a book club that I joined. The group’s leader became my reading mentor. She’s the one who taught me the value of active reading and how to properly do it.

This technique that I’ll share with you now has made all the difference in my life as a bookworm and writer…

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The Horrible Things I Tell Myself

The mind thinks thoughts we don’t plan. It’s not as if we say, ‘At 9:10 I’m going to be filled with self-hatred.’ -Sharon Salzberg.

For the past twenty years, my professional life has revolved around scientific writing and marketing. But a few years ago, I decided to expand my horizons and revisit the creative writing that started me on my professional path back in my 20's.

Confident and excited to bring the personal, youthful side of my talent back to life, I told friends of my intentions before even picking up a pen. Yet when I finally sat down to…

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The Power of Creative Visualization

Through the ages of self-expression and experiment, history has taught us that when individuals contemplate an idea with enough depth, they can create ways to actualize it.

Creative visualization is based on the concept of imagining something different — something that you want or desire. When used correctly, it can change your ingrained habits, leading you to greater happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. You can minimize and eliminate troublesome behaviors and develop and maximize positive ones. All of this ultimately leads to more productive and prosperous goal achievement.

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Managing Moods in an Impossible Time (Or Any Time, Really)

The last time I was able to write was three weeks ago.

My failed creativity hasn’t been due to a lack of time. I’ve got plenty of that available now that I’m holed up at home with my family 24/7. It’s also not an absence of ideas that’s the problem. I’m a natural-born planner, in addition to being a writer and marketing professional. In fact, I came into 2020 with an editorial calendar of topics to share with you all.

These days, the story is a familiar one to many of us. COVID-19 overtook the globe, and during so much…

A Roadmap To Guide You Out of Rock Bottom

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It’s not easy to overcome life’s challenges and achieve our dreams. Life is not a level playing field. We aren’t all born with the same degree of resources, and our talents and abilities differ from person to person. But there’s also not a single successful person who ever achieved great things by pointing out everything going against them.

The only way to deal with the difficulties of our lives and succeed anyway is by dealing with the reality of what is — not what we’d prefer it to be.

Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling, Howard Schultz, and Ralph Lauren all grew…

Stay At Home Series

Pursuing the Essentials During Crisis

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From the moment I woke up this morning, I felt uncomfortable and unsettled. But I couldn’t put my finger on why.

Sure, our global community is getting its butt kicked by a virus. But in my immediate sphere, today was rather uneventful. I was well-rested and physically well, and it was quiet around the house. My husband and I had a minimal number of conference calls to juggle between us. Our daughter was in good spirits and enthusiastic about the activities that filled her time.

There were no work emergencies, and the news, though horrible, seemed to drone on in…

Stay At Home Series

Pursuing the Essentials During Crisis

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Want to know a secret? I don’t have the slightest clue what I’m doing. And if you’re hunkered down at home waiting out the pandemic, you probably realize how obvious and simultaneously terrifying that is.

I knew I had truly reached adult status years ago when I developed enough humility to acknowledge that I don’t know everything. Half the time, I’m making educated guesses on what to do next — just like you. Those guesses are based on years of experience, trial and error, success and failure.

But we’ve landed ourselves in a crisis not seen since 1918. There’s not…

Stay At Home Series

A Four-Point Plan Based in Zen Simplicity

Did you manage to get much done this past week? Neither did I. I even blogged about my inability to focus and be productive. And sure, in that post, I talked about my struggle to find a spot in our home to concentrate. But let’s be honest. My big problem wasn’t that we don’t have enough home office space for everybody in my house. My most critical issue has been shock.

I simply can’t believe that we’ve landed ourselves in a pandemic, seemingly overnight. And before you point it out to me — I understand that nothing about this situation…

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Finding Balance in Self-Isolation

I have a 30-day editorial calendar of blog topics ready to go. What can I say? I’m a planner. But I’m currently struggling to bring those ideas to life amid the pandemic. So this is my obligatory COVID-19 article.

The thoughts I’m going to share with you came in a flash after the past few days of my experience self-isolating with my family. This piece deviates from my standard creative process and all-around “planner” personality. I’m writing off the cuff here and organizing my ideas as I go.

The overall point I want to make came together this morning, after…

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