Dedicate Your Life to Loving With All Your Heart
Christopher D. Connors

The title says it all — thank you for this beautiful reminder that popped up in my feed this morning. I believe the more operational aspects of our lives (i.e. work/day-to-day responsibilities around home & hearth) would greatly benefit from this simple shift in unconditional heart-centered engagement.

This was one of my favorite parts of your article:

“ I could care less about ego and Instagram followers. Those are ancillary benefits. Don’t get me wrong, the support of my readers truly means everything to me. It’s just that, at the core of who I am, I want to give my gift to the world and add value to your life. There, I said it!”

We each have gifts to share with every single person we meet (both familiar and stranger) — when you stay true to that gifting nature (i.e. giving for the sake of giving, nothing required in return) incredible, amazing, beautiful, powerful and happy things follow! This is my wish for everyone — that they will find their gifting heart and use it without restraint :)

Wishing you much “ancillary success” through your gifting nature!

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