Discussion about the name

During the discussion about our brand name, we were thinking about using the name of our project, which is “MUSE”. However, unfortunately, it has already been taken by a music group. Then, we came up with Krionz (which is esperanto translation for “tweet”, the sound of a singing bird), Sortweet, EWETT (a play of word with “tweet”), and sentimentanalysis.global, etc. A member in the #name group, andersottesen, found all the staff related to Krionz, which is quite impressive.

Google translate, no language detected
Google search: 
Krionz is tied to Minecraft gaming, and is on youtube and facebook. 
Web best hit: http://www.krionz.com
A software company in India.
Domain: everything except Krionz.com is available. Krionz.com domain may be available for sale if we pay enough. 
Facebook: Krionz is available
Linkedin: Krionz is available
Twitter: Krionz is taken by a user with two followers and no posts. Perhaps we can persuade him/twitter to give us the account if we trademark it. 
uspto.gov: Trademark is available
euipo.europa.eu: Trademark is available
Conclusion: Krionz is a possible name”

And another member, antonpok, introduced us a website called namemesh.com, which is used for domain name search, it is quite useful as well. By using this, we found that MUSE is also one of Adobe’s web design products, therefore, we gave up the name of MUSE. Long name such as sentimentanalysis.global would cost too much, and EWETT may sound weird in some languages… There are so many things to consider about.