Porn Makes Men Terrible in Bed
Emma Lindsay

This bums me out. I won’t deny that much of what you say here is true in many cases, but it’s also extremely limited to just those cases in which it rings true. There is a wealth of porn out there that’s made by feminists, which bucks the standard “porn tropes” of all-male pleasure, of degrading women, of faked orgasms and faked everything else. It’s just that most people can’t be bothered to find it. Instead they go to PornHub and click on whatever comes up first that looks moderately like what they’re looking for, then they watch it and grumble about how bad it was. The thing is, most pornographers do not want you to watch their porn that way. They want you find their porn through careful consideration of your preferences, pay for it, and enjoy it. And that means that hundreds of producers are making hundreds of different types of content that you could sort through to find what you want. People just don’t do it, and then they blame porn for their problems. 
Also, I’d do some more digging on Shelley Lubben if I were you. She is NOT a reliable source of much of anything. That woman has a gigantic chip on her shoulder against the porn industry, and in my numerous interactions with her I have come away with a clear notion that she wants to blame every problem in her life on pornography rather than her own bad decision-making.

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