The most bizarre, strange and mysterious things ever found on Google Maps

Google Maps is a popular piece of software with it being used by many people to find some of the most bizarre, strange and mysterious things in the world.

People use Google Maps to take a peek at anywhere in the world regardless of where they live. This is by way of checking out millions of satellite images mapped out by the street view car of Google.

While the strange findings are too numerous to mention, here are some of the strangest and most mysterious things to have been found on Google Maps by users.

The UFO in the Forest in Romania?

Among the strangest things to be found in a forest in Romania was what seemed to be a UFO? The UFO was the traditional portrayed style, round with a dome on top. The craft was pictured half hidden under foliage and was said to be an alien spacecraft that had landed. It was not what it seemed though as the object is actually nothing more than a water tower.

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