Weird Structure Found In The Center Of Our Galaxy

Astronomers are intrigued by a strange “string” that have seen. It is a thread that is 2.3 light years long snaking around a supermassive black hole that is in the middle of the Milky Way.
Despite Structure Being Found In 2012 Astronomers Have No Idea What It Is

Astronomers originally found the structure in 2012 but a new photograph has now revealed the long line in the dark middle of the galaxy. Looking closer at it has helped astronomers to be able to narrow down possibilities about what it might be but astronomers are still a long way away from having an answer that is solid.

The new image came from a team of researchers and they produced the image thanks to data taken from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory using the Very Large Array and then used an imaging technique that was novel to help them to clean up the photograph.

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