Do “Successful” Women Drink Too Much?
Ester Bloom

There is a lot of truth in Coulter’s article as well as in Caplan — Brickner’s and your responses. I passed Coulter’s article on to my mid-20s professional non-drinking daughter AND to a mid-30s close female friend whose life was destroyed by alcoholism. To both of them I said — I stopped using alcohol and drugs in my 20s not because I was addicted but because I saw them as inherently unhealthy and potentially very destructive. (Drunk driving — there but for the grace of random fate….). Once I settled down with my long-term wife I no longer needed alcohol / drugs for loosening of my own hang-ups or of those of someone with whom I wanted to have sex — ‘coz that’s really what it’s all about, right? Maybe I’m an asshole, but I just started telling people that I don’t use alcohol or drugs because I loathe what they can do to people. That usually shuts them up, and if they edge away from me, so be it. Maybe it cost me some business deals in various places around the world, but also so be it. Obviously legal prohibition doesn’t work, but if enough people publicly make stands against alcohol and non-medicinal drugs, maybe over time cultures can change. Endorphins from exercise, sex and fulfilling work are the way to go!!

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