Street Fighter V Beta (Chun Li Player)

So, in Friday, I got this message from the PSN App on my iPhone:

An excting message from Playstation Network Asia for Street Fighter V beta

As an avid fans of Street Fighter, I was very happy knowing that Capcom will resume the beta. The beta were supposedly held on end of July, but that was borked.

So, I fire up my PlayStation 4, plug up my trusty HORI stick, and then run the Street Fighter V beta that I’ve downloaded the night before. Upon the character select screen, I selected Chun-Li.

Training Mode

Because only Network Battle is allowed during BETA, I was thrown to training mode first. The training mode doesn’t allow me to open command list tho, which is weird. In this mode I explored some of her moves.

Chun Li Normals

Her normals haven’t been changed much. But some normals behave differently. Her standing strong now only hit once. Her standing jab is as fast as usual. Crouching and jumping fierce hit twice, and standing fierce give high stun. Crouching fierce is cancelable. Crouching strong slides to your opponent, it’s unsafe on block. Haven’t tested if it’s actually caused hard knockdown.

Her kicks changed a little bit. Close forward roundhouse is very good for starting combo but not safe on block. The sweep is very good as usual. It’s not safe on block, though. Her d.f+Forward is so good for overhead. Jumping roundhouse can be used as jumping in tool and safe jump out, as this is hard to anti air as the hitbox seems pretty big.

Chun Li Specials

Kikouken is still the same it’s executed by holding back and then forward + punch. The fireball is nerf-ed tho. It didn’t feel good when I executed it. But this is true for all SFV characters as the game focuses on close range combat.

Spinning Bird Kick is also the same. It’s executed by holding down and then up + kick.

Hyakuretsukyaku is executed by doing quarter circle forward (QCF) + Kick. It can be executed on air now which gives an interesting opportunity for air combos.

Yosokyaku (head stomp) executed by pressing down+Forward Kick. It’s very usable now as follow up for her V-Skill.

She retains her wall jump. It’s a little bit useless, as it’s so slow and easily punishable.

In the trailer video of SFV, it looks like she has more moves. I cannot execute the air spinning bird kick and tensokyaku. I hope they put this up for more chun li arsenal.

Chun-Li V-Skill, Reversal, Trigger, and Critical Arts

V-Skill is executed by pressing Strong and Forward together, just like focus attack in SFIV. Rankyaku will launch her to the air. If it hits, you can follow up by head stomps.

V-Trigger is executed by pressing Fierce and Roundhouse together. Renkiko will double the hits of Chun-Li’s normals. A little tip, Activate this only when you’re close to the opponent. This way, you can continue your block strings and pokes. Otherwise, you’ll waste time trying to close the opponent.

V-Reversal, I didn’t have chance to try this. I forgot completely. Basically it’s called Sohatsukei. Need to wait for another beta to try this.

Her Critical Arts looks like SF III : Third Strike: Hoyokusen. It’s executed by QCF, QCF + Kick.


I feel the timing of Street Fighter V is a little bit lax. The link can be executed a little bit easier than Street Fighter IV counterparts.

  • c.Fierce xx Hyakuretsukyaku — now it’s easier to execute now.
  • c.Fierce xx SBK — all SBK is now hard knockdown, unlike SF IV when you use medium SBK, can follow up by more legs or throw.
  • j.RH > Hyakuretsukyaku > c.Forward xx EX SBK — this moves is so good for jump ins.
  • j.RH > Fierce xx Kikouken xx Hoyokusen — This is a good ending moves after jump ins. Very good damage.
  • With V Trigger equipped. V-Skill > 3x Stomp > EX Air Hyakuretsukyaku. I love this combo. It’s so good. The last EX Air Hyakuretsukyaku needs to be executed precisely, or you’ll drop it.
  • d.f.Forward > jab xx Legs or EX legs. Other than c.Fierce, d.f.Forward is also good combo opener.
  • f.RH > jab xx legs or EX legs. f.RH is also good combo opener.
  • d.f.Forward > jab xx Legs xx Hoyokusen — this is hit-confirm huge damage combo.
  • etc. — there are a lot of possible combos, I cannot list them all.

The Battle

I can’t comment a lot about match-ups as I was only playing a few battle. But Chun Li players need to be careful about the spacing and block a lot. There’s no FADC now, but because most fireballs are nerfed, it feels a little bit easier to avoid them.

Against Bison

This was one of my match-up. From my experience, the hardest to beat was Nash and Bison. Maybe because I’m still not familiar on how to space and punish him. Against Ryu I got 50:50. Against Birdie, as he’s slow, I had success most of the time. I did’t have any chance to fight against Cammy this time.

My winning screen, quiet balanced play.


So far, I love this new installement of Street Fighter. The change of input for Hyakuretsukyaku tho, a little bit impede me. I’m not very used on command character. Chun Li’s moves are quiet balanced I think, she has tools for attack and defending. Let’s wait for some more and I really want that tensoukyaku and air SBK!

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