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Latest hindi sad song ‘ Tera Shehar’ featuring ‘ Himansh Kohli’ and ‘ Pia Bajpiee’. This beautiful song ‘ Tera Shehar’ sung by Mohd. Kalam. Music of this song composed by Armaan’s brother Amaal Malik while ‘ Tera Shehar’ song lyricist is Manoj Muntashir. Music label of this song is T-Series.

Tera Shehar Lyrics

Ishq mera rota raha
Aansoo tujhe naa aaye nazar
Dard mujhe hota raha
Tujhpe hua na koi asar

Kyun dikhaya khwaab toone
Aasmaan wala mujhko
Main toh tera chand tha na
Kyun bujha daala mujhko

Sau tukdo mein toota
Ek dhaage mein jud ke…
Mar jaaunga phir bhi na dekhunga mud ke
Mar jaaunga phir bhi na dekhunga mud ke
Tera shehar… tera shehar..
Tera shehar..hmm.. tera shehar..

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About This Song ‘Tera Shehar’ :-

Himansh Kohli,

Who features in the forthcoming single ‘Tera Shehar’ with beautiful ‘Pia Bajpiee’ and ‘Ronny Singh’, shared that he dug into his own pain to portray the turmoil of the character characterised by him in artist Mohd. Kalam’s first single ‘Tera Shehar’ it’s Lyrics penned by Lyricist ‘Manoj Muntashir’ and music given by Armaan’s brother Amaal Malik, the song label is T-Series.

Tera Shehar’

tells about one sided love, tells about the pain and soreness of loss in love. When asked if he drew from his proceed up or college days to do justice to emotions that the story in the song is trying to show. Himansh distending on the process said:-

“This song by itself speaks volumes. Thourgh this beautiful song every person will be able to easily connect with in his life. I have also been through that phase and had a recent experience and hence the song and its lyrics resonated with me. The lyrics have depth and bustle strong emotions within After hearing the song, I felt, ke ‘Manoj Muntashir’ ji ne shayad ye ganaa maano mere liye hi likha hai.”

Himansh balenced that there have been richness of love stories. There are love stories which are incompleted, not successful and are unable to put themselves into words. The song featured actor feels people will be easily able to connect to the song because of the way it has been sung by Mohd. Kalam and the way the story of the song has been so beautifully shot in the video. He adds, “A lot of people would be able to connect with Tera Shehar. Not because they have gone through a breakup or because they may have had some issues but because there is pain in the song and Pain specially of love is a universal feeling. Wo pain sabki life mein, kahin na kahin, kisi na kisi roop mein hoti hai aisa gaana hai jo unn saari emotions par aapko pakad lega aur aapko ek trance mein le jaayega, to deal with your pain, to understand it and to feel lighter after it.”

Himansh recalls a line of an old song:- ‘Woh afsaana jis se anjaam tak lana na-mumkin, usey ek khoobsurat mod dekar chodhna achcha.’ Tera Shehar brings out those exact emotions. Wahi emotions jinse main bhi connect hua aur main hissa bana iss magical song.

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