A Step Up

“Believe that there is something good in everyday”

Christmas and New Year are seasons seasons of retrospect. I look back and review what have I accomplished throughout the year. This year, I did a lot of things that I haven’t done. I have been open towards new experiences and adventures. I have defied my own sleeping and made the most out of my time. I go with the flow and I usually don’t turn people’s invitations down.

I came to talk with two workmates about our future, about our plans. We all have ideas in our minds, ideas that aren’t weaved into plans. Basically, we all have our own blueprints to sketch for the upcoming 2016. Mid 20’s crisis? I think so. But I believe we are not stuck. We just haven’t realized what we really want.

And just recently, I was able to talk to one of my student nurses. He’s 27 years old and still studying. I came to wonder why. He told me that he lived in the US and didn’t pursue college at an early age since he was already working. He decided to go back to the Philippines to study. His story is just one of almost 50% of their batch mates who did the same thing. What shocked me is the 30 year old Korean-American who decided to study nursing because she really wants to. I asked him, “Saan mo mas gusto, dito sa Pilipinas o doon sa states?” He answered, “Doon sa states” I asked why and he replied, “Because I have more freedom”

That statement hit me. Freedom. 
What is it like to have freedom?

It probably is different for every people. It’s a big word. I think that the most special thing about being free, is having not to worry about what other people may think. However it entails responsibility since you have people who’d worry for you, if you go all out and have freedom at the top of the priority list. If I were to make a priority list, it would be the third. Haven’t thought about the first neither second.

With the two conversations that happened, at least I came to realize one thing: I’m not going on to more adventures next year. I’d probably set those aside. I look at how much I have at hand now, and it will suffice for a little. If I’m not going to plan I will go bankrupt. Yes I do have fun but I have to limit my budget for getaways and think more about how I can be career centered.

If I’m lucky enough to do both I would. But right now I’d formulate plans and goals. Take exams and do leaps of fate.

Once I have a goal and a plan I hope I can hold on to it. 
I know there will be a lot of challenges and even detours, but hope to still hold on it firmly.

So help me God.

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