Dear Sydney

Well last week was the first week that I’d been back at school! It’s been the worst to have to get up early again 😫. It’s been going pretty good though. Although we had a fire in the elevator and we had to evacuate so that was pretty cray.

So that was pretty intense for like an hour. The awkward thing was when that was happening was the time when we were supposed to have all our clients sooooo idk what happened to them honestly 😂.

Yesterday was absolutely crazy. Our kitchen and laundry room sink overflowed and flooded at like 1am so it was insane. There was water EVERYWHERE. So we were dealing with the for a couple hours and my parents are out of the state so we had to call them and then they had to call a brother to try and fix it but it didn’t really work so we just had to shut off the water. Then I went to put the dogs on the side so they wouldn’t get out of the gate when they checked the water, and I got stung by something so I had to be under observation. It was the worst night. Ugh.

So tomorrow or today by the time you read this, i have to clean everything up and down before my parents get back. That’s kinda stressing me out 😅

I got to place a memorial invitation today at school with one of my classmates and she said that she’s gonna try and come! I’m pretty excited!! I’ve had a lot of my calls say that they’ll come but it’s never happened so I’m hoping the year that changes 😌

Well imma hit the hay now! Ttfn!! ❤️

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