Like being a doctor, teaching at Harvard, and running for president?
J R Kelly

And internalized sexism isn’t a thing? Going for the allegedly respectable one over the one with the bad reputation has no echoes whatsoever to the lies we’re taught about how women should behave? Voting for the one who’s not even on the ballot in all 50 states about whom we’ve seen precious little in the press over the one who’s on all the ballots about whom we’ve seen volleys of lies for 30 years that have been motivated by sexism and classism couldn’t possibly be at all tainted by the legacy of centuries of male chauvinism and capitalist bigotry. Nope. You’re perfect, flawless, unaffected. As are all Stein voters, because none of you are able to be moved or even nudged by the cultural water we swim in.

Bra-VA. You are beacons to us all. While us poor huddled masses strive to swim in hate-infested waters, you float above, telling us how wrong we are because you’re free of it and have never been tainted by it.

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