Sorry, Candace, but I just gotta say it: you’re the type of progressive I wish that we would winnow…
Melissa Myer

There you are, the white cis feminist throwing everyone else under the bus for what she didn’t get. Pointing out bigotry doesn’t cause bigotry, and that was the platform his supporters either embraced wholeheartedly or dismissed out of hand as their anti-Clinton hate was fed by people like you lying about her politics. Snarking about “transgender bathrooms” marks you as someone who needs to get with modern reality. (What even is a transgender bathroom, anyway? Last I checked, porcelain identity disorder isn’t in the DSM-5.)

And by the way, FDR’s basic platform and desires contained some of the social issues you deplore. If he hadn’t had to compromise with the Southerners in Congress, his social programs would have benefitted people of all races instead of just whites as part of his desire to elevate African-Americans in the face of crushing poverty and severe discrimination. His wife, Eleanor, was doggedly determined to see AAs’ position in society improved as well. Furthermore, supporting social progress isn’t a Republican party plank, so calling Clinton one of them is as ignorant as calling yourself an old-school Democrat because you disparage the battle for equal rights and redress of inequities in the system.

Clinton worked her ever-loving butt off for 30-plus years, navigating sexism while battling it and racism, evolving in her stance on that and LGBT rights along the way, and seeing the way toward intelligent economic reform. But how dare she admit systemic racism exists. Oh, the horror. It lost her votes amongst the KKK! We can’t have that, can we? And she even had a disability rights platform plank! Who cares about the retards and gimps, am I right? How Republican of her to think we all benefit economically when more of us are taken care of. Oh, wait, no, it isn’t. Unless you can find me where the GOP platform echoed her on any of those issues.

Also, Sanders performed very poorly with people of color. How’s that speaking to all Americans? Unless you mean whites are the only Americans. Which it sounds like from here, considering everything else you said and I pointed out. So kindly sit down and admit you’re wearing blinders, then take them off and get with reality. You don’t care about anyone other than able-bodied, cis white people in this country. If you did, your hate vote for Clinton would’ve felt far different to you and you’d sound a hell of a lot less uneducated.