At only age 17, Lysandra has been through more than you could ever imagine. After her favourite person passing away on her birthday, her dad leaving a year after, mistaking abuse for love, becoming allergic to fruit, and being diagnosed with anxiety and depressive symptoms, Lysandra pulls her shit together and tries to do what’s best for her.

With some help on the way by her close friends, Kelly and Sherika and others yet to come along, she is able to get her head on straight and focus more on education and not dwell on the past as much.

As for her love life, Lysandra found true love within a boy she used to have a little crush on, but was always mean to him because she was in a relationship. This boy changed Lysandra’s school life, life at home with her family, and life outside. This boy began to be the apple of her eye — or more like the vanilla of her eye.

What will happen when Lysandra faces new, unexpected visits from the past? Will she break down and give up on life? Or will she break the chains and conquer through it all?

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