“Other People” Neil Gaiman


Other People by Neil Gaiman seems to have an evil, death-like type of theme.

Examples, Examining & Explanation:

Considering the setting seems to be Hell throughout the short story, I would say evil and death-like fits perfectly. Why else would you go to Hell? You’re dead and you have committed um-teen number of sins in order to end up there. The man in the expensive clothing — the protagonist — has gone through his life to the Demon over thousands of years explaining every detail from his birth to his death without forgetting a single thing. Every thing bad he as done whether it were lies he told himself or other people, the way he treated others etc., he had went over during those years of being in Hell. I had to read this short story quite a few times. I originally thought he ended up meeting God and going to Heaven after going through his wrongdoings so many times, but then as I re-read the story, I realized that maybe he became the Demon. Or perhaps, there were just other people showing up through the door.

Connections to the Theme:

Evil. Poppy. Devil. Poppy. Have you ever heard of ThatPoppy on YouTube or Instagram? She kind of interests me, and makes me wonder about the world. However, she’s apart of the Illuminati — which makes her evil. I made Matthew watch a few of her videos and he told me that the poses she was doing and things she said backwards were things related to the Devil. After, he had a dream that the Devil was in his room and he woke up with three different bruises. Also, I had sleep paralysis that same night and we woke up and called each other right away. It was the scariest thing ever. Watching Poppy made us have a bit of evil presence around us, but it could just be mind over matter too.

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