“That’s what happens when you don’t have reliable WiFi”

Kelly, Matthew, Tyrese, and Nicole came over to my house after school last Tuesday, to get ready to go watch a movie. What movie and at what time? Nobody knew or really cared, it was a last minute plan as usual. Spoiler Alert: we never watched a movie, we ended up going to Moxie’s for dessert, walking around on the streets and somehow reached Markham Station for food again. Anyways, when we got off the bus, all you heard was the buzzing of our phones. Ty, being the one who’s always lost and slow in the group was so surprised, “Holy, notifications already?” Kelly, just like me, made Ty feel stupid by coming back at him and saying, “Her house is right in front of you, her WiFi always connects when you get off the bus.” Ty tried mimicking Kelly in an annoying high pitched voice — which by the way sounded nothing like Kelly. I told them that if they want really good WiFi to stay outside, because the WiFi did not work at all in my room. And as always Ty’s the FIRST one to open his miyth to start an argument, “That’s what happens when you don’t have reliable WiFi.” So of course my short tempered self had a come back, “Yea that’s why my wifi connects as soon as you get off the bus unlike you who has no WiFi…”

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