What It Means To Be Human

It means to look up at the stars.

Just kidding! The stars is a part of my theory however. We look up at the stars in the sky, just like we look up to superstars in our lives. All our lives (if you listen to music or the radio, or watch tv etc.) we have grown up inspired by either people that surround us or people that are famous. We look up to them like we look up to the stars. If this is already a theory then I apologize in advance to whoever came up with this before me. Maybe I should’ve done some research beforehand. Haha. Anyways, to be human is to have an idol or someone we look up to — just as we look up to the stars.

Another part of being human means to have a sense of humour.

If you don’t have a sense of humour you probably don’t find much things in life entertaining, and I think that’s a key to life. Enjoy it, live a little, laugh a little more.

Rebels everywhere woah!

To be human means to be rebellious. High chances are if you tell someone not to do something they most likely do it. For example telling your mom not to go snooping in your room until after her special occasion. High chances are she’ll think you’re hiding something else (or she wants to find out what her gifts are — just like a kid on Christmas) and go snooping anyways. Damn you, mom. You ruined the surprise!

Being rebellious as a teen or a child in general is expected. It’s not something thay we are trained to be, but rather a type of symptom we have to explore and express ourselves.


The last and most important one in my eyes. In society, it used to be slim girls that got the praise. Now, the trend is thick girls with some tummy. Slim girls now know what if feels like to be like the thicker girls back then who wanted to be slim. But look what that caused. The same damn thing is still going on but has just switched with the types of girls. The same applies for males too. All about that fit, muscular guy who can carry you and make you feel safe. Frankly, if someone loves and cares for me, I’d feel safe no matter what.

Shape and size does NOT MATTER. We need to stop pushing only ONE specific type and realize the true beauty in everyone at the same time. Not just focus on a different shape and size each new year because that’s what’s trendy.

We are all able to perceive beauty in many different ways. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way. And that’s what makes us human.

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