why am i more interested in writing my feelings and my thoughts, rather than writing my essays?

i mean, my essays are supposed to be in my opinion…? i have one essay to complete on whether or not love is everything in life, and i have another 3 PAGE ESSAY on The Blind Side and how it connects with family functions (families in canada course). oh i forgot, but just remembered, i have a math thing due when i come back from the break too LOL.

my life is going great! i’ve been back and forth in the hospital and to different doctors, trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my system. which means i’ve been missing a lot of school; i’m failing my math class — which to me is no surprise, but kind of a surprise because he doesn’t collect work and when he did, he gave me a 10/10, and i don’t think i did THAT bad on my one and only test…oh well, i’ll try to pull my socks up! what else? my english teacher, mr.santin, is my favourite. he’s so ever caring, and funny and loving. i wish all teachers were to be as fun, strict, and open as he is. he’s always checking up on me when i come back to class, and to me that means so much. and i will always have a special place in my heart for him ❤ as for my law class, let’s just say i have no idea how i’m doing with that LOL, again…but i mean, i’ve been participating and stuff so i’m sure it’s not as bad as math. i got 70’s on whatever work i’ve done and for the amount of days i’ve missed i’m proud to have gotten that mark. we have this one assignment, though. my uncle’s a lawyer so i called him faster than ever once i got this assignment, and to be real honest with you, reader, i think having someone at home with the knowledge of something — like a class — that you’re taking, actually helps 100% more!

i’m getting sleepy as it is 3AM. i have a study date tomorrow with the boo thang as well so i should be off to bed.

goodnight readers! or good morning :)

P.S. may someone please tell me WHY? about everything? like really, why???

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