A letter from my future self

Lyly Lepinay
Nov 7, 2015 · 2 min read
Love yourself. Love others

Today, you are the same person and yet you are so different.

You’re smiling brightly not because of you have to but because you want to; you have found your true sense of joy again.

Today, you are the same person and yet you are so different.

You’re smiling brighter not because you’re just happy but because you faced, embraced and reconciled those saboteurs and now peace reigns in your heart.

Today, it’s here: your long lost, true happiness. That fear? Yes, it’s gone.

Look next to you. He’s healthy, strong and happy. He looks different because he is different. The peace he feels is because he sees that you are happy — you made that happen. Your positivity is now felt and lived in him. Your joy is his joy. His joy is yours.

What advice can I give you to find your joy again?

Accept yourself.

Accept your strengths and your weaknesses: they are what make you special. Remember that you are special.

Forgive yourself.

And forgive others. Let go of your self-hate — they don’t belong here.

Love yourself.

Don’t shy away from your achievements — embrace your successes, because you deserve them. Know that you deserve them. You deserve to be successful, to be better, to be happy.

You are an empowering leader but you can only empower others once you empower yourself.

Use your strengths, your achievements, and inner determination to advance on your journey. No more excuses. No more self-analysis. No more ‘why questions’. There’s no shortcuts on this journey — it’s either the hard way, or no way.

If you want to see the change then be the change.

You do this by first loving yourself: accept, forgive, and love who you are — warts and all.

If you can do this, you will find love, peace and happiness.

I look forward to seeing You.


Your future self.

Lyly Lepinay

Written by

I have a vision of my future self. Here’s my story of becoming her.

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