For Him,

I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

February 14, 2014

Valentine’s is always a beautiful day. You celebrate love & joy with one another. My dad & I had just got into a huge argument a month prior to Valentine’s. The day before I swallowed my pride & apoligized to him after a month of not being in touch. The rodeo was in town and what a better way to come back together. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt like finally I could breathe. I felt like my life was back on track. I got home exhausted & layed down & looked up and told myself,

Your finally happy.

February 15, 2015

I wake up to everyone running around me, rushing, kinda like the world was about to end. My mom looked at me & it looked as if she had just seen a ghost. She said,

Get up, get dressed. Tio Manuel got into an accident and we don’t know what happend.

I was lost for words, last time someone told me that I was at the hospital because my grandpa passed away. I got dressed and we jumped into the car and took off.

At that moment my brain knew the truth, but my heart didnt want to accept it. I remember being in the car for 2 hours driving to our ranch, and looking up and saying,

please dont be up there, please dont be gone.

I didnt know what was ahead of me. Was he hurt, gone, nobody would tell us.

We pull up and I jump off the car and ran to my aunts house to find out what’s going on. As they slowly walked up to me, emotionless, I knew. She simply said,

He didn’t make it.

It felt like my heart broke into a million peices. It felt like i had been stabbed in the heart. I didnt know what to do, I kept thinking this was a nightmare. But it was real, he was really gone.

I went for a walk by myself to think. Nothing anyone says or does helps, when everything around you reminds you of the person your missing.

My family showed up, we cried together, soon as the shock went away we talked about the good times & laughed together.

The worst part was calling his girlfriend who lived with their 6 year old son in Ohio. My mom told her & all you could hear was her scream, and everyone around me started crying even harder. Eventually when we all eased up, we went to the funeral home & made all the arangments. Everything still felt like a nightmare to me, and I just wasn’t waking up.

The hard part

We went back to San Antonio and we had to prepare to go to school & work the very next day. I walked in and everyone just starred. They all knew, they could see it in my eyes. The tried hugging me, but I just wanted to be alone. I went to athletics and let all my aggression out on those bars & weights. I got to 2nd period & my “ bestfriend” was crying that her boyfriend had got into a fight. Really? So we end up arguing & I blow up. Im crying, screaming, hitting stuff, everyone was scared. They ended up sending me home for the whole week because they didnt feel like I was stable enough to deal with the loss and with school.

So the day of the funeral. Woah, Leakey never saw that much people, it made me so happy to see so much people pay respect to my Uncle. The barrial was heartbreaking, but my family made sure we still kept our heads up because that’s what he wants for us. We all sat & talked about him, we never ran out of stories. We cried & laughed but we all were together to make everything easier.

The Real Story

We really dont know how it happed that night, But for the most part we know what happend.

He went drinking & drank a little to much so they stopped serving him. He started drinking coke to sobar up & got in his car & drove away. He ended up sliding off the road & flying off a bridge. His own cousin who was a state tropper is the one who got called to the scene. We like to say he passed on impact & didnt suffer. But only God knows what really happend that night.

The Healing Process

It has been so hard on me & my family to lose someone so important. He was the heart of our family. He will forever be loved & missed. I live everyday of my life in memory of him.

R.I.P Tio Manuel


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