Build react app with Now v2

Liudmyla Dziubynska
Apr 23 · 1 min read

Update or configure your application to version 2 is easy as official web site have good documentation —

But after configuration was changed we faced the issue that images were not displayed. To fix this issue just add to you routes object:

{ “src”: “/images/(.*)”, “dest”: “/images/$1” }

after full code will look:

"version": 2,
"builds": [
{ "src": "package.json",
"use": "@now/static-build",
"config": { "distDir": "build" }
"routes": [
{ "src": "/static/(.*)", "headers": { "cache-control": "s-maxage=31536000,immutable" }, "dest": "/static/$1" },
{ "src": "/favicon.ico", "dest": "/favicon.ico" },
{ "src": "/asset-manifest.json", "dest": "/asset-manifest.json" },
{ "src": "/manifest.json", "dest": "/manifest.json" },
{ "src": "/precache-manifest.(.*)", "dest": "/precache-manifest.$1" },
{ "src": "/service-worker.js", "headers": { "cache-control": "s-maxage=0" }, "dest": "/service-worker.js" },
{ "src": "/images/(.*)", "dest": "/images/$1" },
{ "src": "/(.*)", "headers": {"cache-control": "s-maxage=0"}, "dest": "/index.html"

Do not forget add now-build: react-script build to your package.json

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